Puff Bar Disposable: New era of Vaping


Puff Bar disposable brand in Dubai is the best e-cigarette in vape market after JUUL brand. 
Puff Bar devices contain a pre-filled cartridge of saltnic e-liquid, which typically includes nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals. The devices are powered by a small battery and are designed to be thrown away after the e-liquid has been depleted.

Puff Bar Has Surpassed Juul

Puff Bar’s deals bounced in mid 2020 when government limitations banned the offer of sweet and fruity e-cigarette top off units like those of industry pioneer Juul Labs Inc. Since Puff Bar gadgets couldn’t be topped off, the FDA’s underlying flavor limitations didn’t matter to them. Underage vaping dropped after those limitations were carried out, however dispensable e-cigarette use among youngsters and teenagers hopped.

In July of last year, the FDA requested the organization to stop its deals, saying its items hadn’t been approved by the office.

Puffs Bar Disposable Features in Dubai UAE

  • Disposable pod device requires no maintenance, charging or refilling
  • E-liquid: 1.8ml Tobacco Free Salt Nic E-liquid per Pod Stick
  • Battery: 350mAh
  • Pre-charged, Simply puff on the device to activate
  • Pre-filled, no need for messy refills
  • Tobacco Free Salt Nicotine 5% 50MG inside for an accurate cigarette-style throat hit
  • 400 puffs per device

Puff Bar flavors Available Flavors in Dubai:

  • Pina Colada: If you’re a fan of coconut, Puff Bar has a flavor just for you! With the Pina Colada flavor, you can enjoy the tropical taste of coconut with every puff.
  • Mixed Berry: Looking for a berry-packed vaping experience? Puff Bar’s Mixed Berry flavor combines the delicious sweetness of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries for a truly delightful mix.
  • Strawberry Watermelon: For a refreshing and fruity vaping experience, Puff Bar’s Strawberry Watermelon flavor blends the juicy flavors of sweet strawberries and ripe watermelon.
  • Cool Mint: Mint lovers will appreciate Puff Bar’s Cool Mint flavor, which features a heavenly mint taste mixed with menthol for a refreshing and satisfying cooling sensation.
  • Guava Ice: Puff Bar’s Guava Ice flavor features the luscious taste of guava mixed with nicotine salts for a delicious vaping experience that will captivate your taste buds.
  • Lychee Ice: For a taste of the tropics, Puff Bar’s Lychee Ice flavor combines the sweet and exotic taste of lychee with powerful nicotine salts.
  • Peach Ice: Puff Bar’s Peach Ice flavor blends the sweetness of ripe peaches with menthol for a soothing yet fruity vaping experience.
  • Watermelon: If you love the taste of summertime watermelon, Puff Bar’s Watermelon flavor offers a juicy and sweet vaping experience featuring nicotine salts.

Puff Bar in Dubai recently brought Puff Flow that is Pre-filled with 6.5ml – 2% Tobacco Free Salt Nicotine,that lasts you 1800 Puffs .And if you enjoyed it or simply want to try out another flavor head on over to new vape flavors in Dubai.


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